Halogens Recording New EP & Music Video

New Jersey-based rockers Halogens are currently in the studio recording their sophomore EP. This comes after a split release with Staten back in 2016. The EP will feature 6 tracks including their latest single, “Pretty Enough”.

Halogens have been eager to get in the studio and write new music for a while now, teasing new material at some of their shows over the past few months. They will be recording on weekends throughout the month of January. An intended release date is still TBA.

The band has also been working on a new music video with Sharp Angle Media. The video is for “Pretty Enough” and is currently in the editing phase. Halogens have posted photos from their time on set of the video. One picture features frontman Zach Henry covered in make-up and another with drummer George Saives standing in front of a white wall covered in purple post-it notes that say “I love you”. Although we are not sure what they mean, we can’t help but feel extremely excited to see the song come to life.


New Sorority Noise Music Video Details

Connecticut emo band Sorority Noise has been filming a new music video with director Kyle Thrash all week. How do we know this? One of the guys on our Triple Scoop team was an extra in the video! Here is everything we know:

The music video is for their new song “No Halo” which is the first single off of their upcoming record, “You’re Not As ___ As You Think”, due to release March 17th. The video release date is uncertain, but it is rumored to also be on March 17th.

We don’t know too much about the concept, but our inside guy was an extra for the band’s performance scene. The scene was shot at The Thrifty Irishman, a thrift shop in Port Richmond. It was shot on the second floor which looked like a long and empty warehouse.

Extras were instructed to come wearing nude/neutral colored clothing. Art Directors draped every extra with a clear tarp. Extras surrounded the band and slowly swayed back and forth during their performance. While it all looked confusing and weird in real life, a crew member was coming around showing everyone how it looked in the monitor and it was stunning. Our guy was not aloud to have his phone on him, so we are unfortunately low on pictures. This single scene shot from 6pm to midnight (set up started before 4pm).

The band was very nice and excited to complete their first big-budget music video. The atmosphere they create is wonderful. They were constantly checking in and making sure the extras were comfortable and having a good time while cracking jokes amongst themselves. In between each take, a new friend of theirs would run up and give them a hug. The camera crew worked hard, but there was little to no yelling.

All in all, we’re in for a super cool new video.

Until its release, give “No Halo” a listen in the player below.