Sorority Noise Announces Hiatus

Cameron Boucher, frontman of the Connecticut emo group Sorority Noise, went to social media earlier this week to announce that his band will be going on hiatus after their next tour.

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Boucher, who has been very open with fans about his struggle with mental health, mentions that he “think it’s in [his] heart and mind’s best interest to take a break from the band for a while.”

It is not unheard-of for bands to take a break to focus on their personal well-beings. Last year, Philly group Modern Baseball announced their hiatus for the same reasons.

In his off time, Boucher will most likely be focusing on his new recording studio, The Metal Shop, in Philadelphia which he runs with Jake Ewald and Ian Farmer of Modern Baseball. He is also involved with a few side projects such as Old Grey and Small Circle.

It would be unfair to be upset with Sorority Noise for making this decision, especially since they are giving fans fair warning before their next tour and releasing new material later this month.

On March 16th, Sorority Noise will be releasing a full-length alternate version of their most recent studio album, Your Not As _____ As You Think. The reworked record will include new, stripped-down arrangements and added strings. It is simply titled YNAAYT.

Sorority Noise heads on their final tour for the foreseeable future on March 8th with Remo Drive, Foxx Bodies, and Jelani Sei.


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Cameron Boucher // Field Medic – Split Review

On Valentine’s Day, a split was released by Cameron Boucher of Sorority Noise and Field Medic on Flower Girl Records. Check it out in the player below and know that all proceeds from the split go to Covenant House, a charity that provides shelter, food, immediate crisis care, and an array of other services to homeless and runaway youth.

This split was a fun surprise. As a fan of both artists I was eager to give these songs a listen. Field Medic, a new favorite of mine, starts off the split with their signature loft drum machine beats in “everydayz 2moro”. The distorted guitar lick that follows transports me to the clouds and Kevin Patrick’s honest lyrics about eating Taco Bell and practically being homeless proceed to keep me afloat. This track was easily my favorite. It has everything I want in a Field Medic song and more. I’m still singing “let’s live like everyday’s tomorrow”.

Cam’s half of the split sounded more like material one would hear from his side project Old Gray, very quiet and somber. The string arrangements in “of alaska” were a beautiful compliment to the song. The layered vocal tracks was something new for Boucher that I hope he continues to experiment with.

Overall, this is a pretty solid split. As mentioned before, it was a pleasant surprise and the fact that all the proceeds go to charity is an added bonus. Will I being returning to this track often? Honestly, if I do it’s just so I can keep listening to “everydayz 2moro” until Field Medic finally releases a real studio LP. 3/5 Scoops.

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