“You Don’t Need Expensive Gear to Make Great Music”

In a recent interview with Motörhead’s legendary guitarist, Phil Campbell, he shared that “you don’t need expensive gear to make great music.” He further explained that “if you know what you’re doing, and you string it up right, you can make a great racket on a $30 guitar as long as you’ve got the insight and direction.”

As a musician myself, I completely agree with this statement. I always say that it is not about that equipment you use, it is about the person using it. Just as Campbell said, with the right intuition you can take a cheap piece of equipment and make it sound professional.

I think back to some of my favorite albums that have been recorded in crummy basements or with old 8-tracks that have went on to skyrocket artists’ careers. The first example that pops into mind is a record called “QUARTERBACKS” by QUARTERBACKS. QUARTERBACKS are a two-piece punk band from New Paltz, NY. Their guitarist uses an old, beat up Squier Telecaster with the top E string cut off. When I listen to the music, however, the recording quality does not even cross my mind. The message this band sends with their music and their ability to send that message with the equipment they have is truly mesmerizing.

Another record that comes to mind is “Songs From The Sunroom” by Field Medic. This one-piece from San Fransisco is fronted by guitarist Kevin Patrick who self-recorded these songs in his sunroom with an old acoustic guitar. The success of these songs has led him to a record deal with a label out of Boston called Run For Cover Records.

One final example would be any Mac DeMarco release. DeMarco is a musician who writes and records all of his own music in his Brooklyn apartment on an old tape machine (which is totally out of style. Nowadays, it is far easier to record digitally on your laptop). In his documentary, “Pepperoni Playboy”, DeMarco says good pop music is made out of “pure human feeling” and not all of the fancy, expensive equipment you use to make it with.

Each of these artists remind me that I have the power to make something magical as long as I try hard enough. I can list plenty of examples of musicians who had real expensive equipment and didn’t know how to properly use it, but The Triple Scoop is not about bashing people, it is about celebrating the things we cherish.


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Halogens Recording New EP & Music Video

New Jersey-based rockers Halogens are currently in the studio recording their sophomore EP. This comes after a split release with Staten back in 2016. The EP will feature 6 tracks including their latest single, “Pretty Enough”.

Halogens have been eager to get in the studio and write new music for a while now, teasing new material at some of their shows over the past few months. They will be recording on weekends throughout the month of January. An intended release date is still TBA.

The band has also been working on a new music video with Sharp Angle Media. The video is for “Pretty Enough” and is currently in the editing phase. Halogens have posted photos from their time on set of the video. One picture features frontman Zach Henry covered in make-up and another with drummer George Saives standing in front of a white wall covered in purple post-it notes that say “I love you”. Although we are not sure what they mean, we can’t help but feel extremely excited to see the song come to life.

New Sorority Noise Music Video Details

Connecticut emo band Sorority Noise has been filming a new music video with director Kyle Thrash all week. How do we know this? One of the guys on our Triple Scoop team was an extra in the video! Here is everything we know:

The music video is for their new song “No Halo” which is the first single off of their upcoming record, “You’re Not As ___ As You Think”, due to release March 17th. The video release date is uncertain, but it is rumored to also be on March 17th.

We don’t know too much about the concept, but our inside guy was an extra for the band’s performance scene. The scene was shot at The Thrifty Irishman, a thrift shop in Port Richmond. It was shot on the second floor which looked like a long and empty warehouse.

Extras were instructed to come wearing nude/neutral colored clothing. Art Directors draped every extra with a clear tarp. Extras surrounded the band and slowly swayed back and forth during their performance. While it all looked confusing and weird in real life, a crew member was coming around showing everyone how it looked in the monitor and it was stunning. Our guy was not aloud to have his phone on him, so we are unfortunately low on pictures. This single scene shot from 6pm to midnight (set up started before 4pm).

The band was very nice and excited to complete their first big-budget music video. The atmosphere they create is wonderful. They were constantly checking in and making sure the extras were comfortable and having a good time while cracking jokes amongst themselves. In between each take, a new friend of theirs would run up and give them a hug. The camera crew worked hard, but there was little to no yelling.

All in all, we’re in for a super cool new video.

Until its release, give “No Halo” a listen in the player below.

Modern Baseball Cancels Upcoming Spring US Tour

The four-piece, up-and-coming indie rock group from Philly had announced a massive Spring US Tour with special guests Kevin Devine and the God Damn Good Band, Sorority Noise, and The Obsessives back on January 4th. It was just last Tuesday that they canceled the entire tour through a Facebook message.

Jake Ewald, co-frontman of the band, wrote out a lengthy apology explaining why they had to put off an entire tour. “Over the past few months the band has become an immense source of anxiety for me, and it wasn’t until I opened up to [the rest of the band] about it that we realized we were all feeling the same way,” Ewald wrote. 

Modern Baseball is known for promoting the importance of mental health. Co-frontman Brendan Lukens, in fact, had decided to sit out MOBO’s most recent European Tour saying “I need this time at home to focus on my mental and physical health”. Lukens, who has been very open about his depression and bipolar disorder, has been struggling with this for many years. However, the band never slowed down. Their popularity had grown so rapidly that they have not had a chance to catch their breathes for a long while. They have been touring on and off since the release of their latest studio album, “Holy Ghost”, in May of last year. Ewald elaborates in his Facebook post saying “The project we started as a source of joy and positive expression had become something that was slowly eating away at our mental health and our friendships.”

This was obviously an incredibly difficult decision for them to make. Not only are they canceling their own tour, but they have also canceled all of the upcoming shows for Kevin Devine, Sorority Noise, and The Obsessives (who actually took a semester off from school to partake in this tour). As a fan myself, I would be lying if I said I was not upset about missing Modern Baseball live. I also wanted to check out Sorority Noise whose upcoming record “You’re Not As ___ As You Think”is growing a lot of hype as well as The Obsessives who have just expanded their band with 3 new members.

Even though I am said to miss them, this is absolutely the right decision for Modern Baseball. Bands take short hiatuses all of the time. Imagine being in their shoes, living in a van on the road for 90% of the year and being with the same few people all day everyday. Hopefully this time off will give them the time and rest that they need to reform better than ever.

For those who have already purchased tickets, refunds will be available at point of purchase.

To read the Facebook post yourself, check below.


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