The Incredibles 2 (Trailer)

In 2004, Disney & Pixar introduced to the world to the Parrs who would soon become America’s favorite superhero family: The Incredibles. Now, 14 years later, they are expanding their story by bringing us a sequel to the beloved animated film (watch the trailer above). The voice cast from the original movie will be returning including Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as Elastigirl, and even Samuel L. Jackson as the incomparable Frozone.

While the cast is returning, it seems as though the plot is as well. While we do not know the specifics of where the story will take us, we gather from the trailer that it will be an extremely similar concept. In the first movie, Mr. Incredible leaves his family to get back into the superhero game. In “The Incredibles 2”, from what we can gather from the trailer, it seems that Mrs. Incredible is leaving to fight crime while Mr. Incredible is stuck raising the kids.

And what took them so long to make this sequel? I was 8-years-old when the first movie came out. “The Incredibles” is a kids movie and I was able to enjoy it. This sequel looks to be a kids movie, but the kids who saw the first one are now in their 20s. I hope that I can enjoy “The Incredibles 2” and not worry about it being incredibly cheesy (which Pixar is really good about). Nonetheless, we are all excited to see these characters back in action.

“The Incredibles 2” will take place where the first one left off, the Underminer was reading havoc on the city. The trailer also introduces a new character voiced by Bob Odenkirk who is some sort of mogul. Is he the real villain of the movie? We’ll have to wait and see until the movie comes out on June 15.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story (Trailer)

I don’t know about you, but seeing the teaser for the upcoming Han Solo movie during Super Bowl LII was a huge surprise for me. The following day, they dropped the full theatrical trailer (you can check it out in the player above).

Honestly, I am pretty excited about this movie. If you have seen any clips from The Triple Scoop before, you would know that we, as a collective, are not big fans of Rogue One or even The Last Jedi. When it comes to Solo, the bar is set so low (no pun intended) that it would be pretty difficult for it to be a complete disappointment.

The character of Han Solo and the idea of exploring his life before A New Hope is an exciting one. Fans know about his famous kessel run and other tiny anecdotes, but this movie might actually show us how these things went down. Where does Han come from? How does he meet Chewbacca? How does he meet Lando? The potential of any of these questions being answered really excites me.

Another thing that gets me amped for this movie is its cast. Everyone is talking about Donald Glover taking on the role of Lando Calrissian. This definitely intrigues me as well, but a lot of folks are overlooking the other actors involved. The legendary Woody Harrelson will star in Solo as a new character named Beckett. As a huge fan of Woody Harrelson, seeing him in a Star Wars story could be a lot of fun. Emilia Clarke, best known for her role in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen (THE KHALEESI), will be playing a new character named Kira. Other key actors will star in this film such as Thandie Newton (Westworld), Clint Howard, and even Warwick Davis, but the person I am most excited to see is Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo himself.


The main thing that worries me about this movie was the late firing of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Lucasfilm canned the duo just a few weeks before principal photography for the film was set to be complete. Lord and Miller believed they were hired to make a comedy film, while Lucasfilm was looking for them to add “a comedic touch” to the space fantasy. Lucasfilm also felt that the directors were encouraging too much improvisation from the actors, which was believed to be “shifting the story off-course” from the script.

If you ask me, when you hire the directors of 21 Jump Street, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and the LEGO Movie, what the heck do you expect? These guys make comedies. And why did it take so long to pull the plug on this?

Soon after, it was announced that two-time Academy Award-winner Ron Howard would take over directing duties, but with most of the film already shot, how big of an impact could he have made to the finished product?

We will just have to wait and see. I like to go into this with the mindset of “if the movie sucks, it in no way effects the other films.”


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The REAL Reason Why Hugh Jackman is Stepping Down as Wolverine

As the newest Marvel film “Logan” hits theaters next weekend, we begin to look back at Hugh Jackman’s illustrious portrayal of Wolverine. After playing the character for 17-years, Jackman announced that “Logan” will be his final film as the renowned mutant.

However, news has surfaced as to who is really to blame for this decision: JERRY SEINFELD.

This past week, Jackman visited The Tonight Show and told host Jimmy Fallon that he asked his good friend, Jerry Seinfeld, how he knew when to wrap up his series “Seinfeld” after 9 seasons. Seinfeld told him, “Look, when you’re creating something, it’s very important not to run yourself dry. It’s not about finishing on top necessarily, but making sure that you, creatively, still have got something left which propels you into whatever’s next.” Those words stuck with Jackman and he went home and told his wife that this film would be his last as the Wolverine.

Come on, Jerry. We love you so much. Don’t you know how much of an influence you have on people? “Season 9” of Seinfeld wasn’t even that good! Now Marvel will probably just wait a few years and reboot the whole series and recast Wolverine.

Watch the full interview here:

Feel free to take out your frustrations on Jerry Seinfeld in the comments section.