Fruit Punch Music (A Spotify for Kids)

Los Angeles-based company Fruit Punch, Inc. announces the world’s first family-focused music streaming service built just for kids. The biography section of their LinkedIn page shares that the platform was “created and programmed for children ages 0–8, Fruit Punch has the music children love, while providing peace of mind for parents – knowing every song is safe” (Fruit Punch, Inc.). The app gives families access to a wide variety of songs, all subjected to an industry-first multipoint approval process to ensure children never hear inappropriate language or subject matter.

Fruit Punch Music is completely ad-free which means that, unlike other streaming services, users will never have to see or hear advertisements. The company says they value families’ privacy. According to the press release for the app, Fruit Punch states:

“[Fruit Punch Music was designed] to collect as little personal information as possible. Any collected data is used solely to improve the service within our strict privacy policy and is never sold to any third party. The app does not integrate with any social network or use any advertising platform, and is fully compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)” (Announcing).

This privacy feature is a huge selling point, especially today where nobody really knows who or what is collecting their data. Fruit Punch Music is trying their best to be a safe haven for children and parents who want to enjoy music together. Hopefully, we will see other companies follow suit.

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